ENSA about to conclude the phase 1 of the ITER vacuum chamber assembly

Equipos Nucleares (ENSA) is about to conclude the phase 1 of the assembly of the vacuum chamber of the ITER project with a progress of 90%; so in the coming months these works will be finalized.

The latest developments have been related to the automated machining of the housings of the joining pieces called “biscuit”, as well as to the subsequent manufacture, through a process of reverse engineering, of these parts.

The tests, with satisfactory results, have taken place both in the scale model 1: 1 representative of a joint between sectors and in the model of the “upper” port structure. For the first case, a machining unit is used on rail and for the port, a robotic system that describes the trajectories of the tool. The additional technical difficulty is given by the total restriction of ITER Organization for the use of cutting fluids.

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