RINGO Qualifies an Automatic Safety Valve for Accumulator Depressurization

Ringo Válvulas is proud to announce that we have recently concluded all the qualification tests of the nuclear prototype of the Automatic Safety Valve for Accumulator Depressurization (ASVAD). After this successful qualification the ASVAD valve fulfills all the requirements to be considered Nuclear Class 2 according to ASME Section III Subsection NC Ed. 2015.

This patented development is unique in the world: this valve is designed to be installed in the PWR and CANDU type nuclear reactors and represents a new passive, simple and robust safety element that can be installed as a complement to the existing safety elements. This valve is designed to avoid the nitrogen injection in the Reactor Cooling System (RCS) from the safety accumulators in case of accident. If this gas reaches the RCS pipes, it will make the core cooling much more complicated. ASVAD will completely avoid it. ASVAD valve represents a new improvement for the nuclear industry to continue being a safe and reliable source of energy.

Once the qualification has been completed, Ringo Válvulas is able to offer this new product to the nuclear market with a standard design suitable to most of the reactors designs but, offering the flexibility to adapt it to any specific technical or inspection requirement.

For further information please check the website www.asvad-nuclear.com or contact ringo@ringospain.com

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