SNGC celebrates its 10th anniversary

This month, the Spanish Nuclear Group for Cooperation (SNGC) celebrates its 10th anniversary. It was established in 2008 by ENSA, ENUSA, Ringo Válvulas and Tecnatom to jointly address the then emerging Chinese market. Ten years later, it can be confirmed, that it was a wise decision as it allowed to approach, with a broad set of products and sufficient critical mass, a new market, distant geographically and culturally, but with important technological needs. The way traveled during this period has allowed to develop close relationships with the main actors in the Chinese nuclear sector, through the multiple successful projects finalized as well as through the investments made in joint ventures.

However, in the last 10 years the nuclear world has changed drastically. Traditional markets have migrated to others in less developed countries and new technologists have emerged and risen to leadership positions. Specifically today, the Chinese companies are starting to launch their services in the new emerging markets and the SNGC has positioned itself to support them in this adventure, not exempt from new circumstances and difficulties. In the same way, the SNGC is taking an independent interest in these new markets, where, in several cases, other technologists have more possibilities.

In summary, the SNGC has established itself as a powerful business development tool for its partners and hopes to increase it even further in the future, identifying new opportunities in the new markets.

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