Tecnatom and Datel sign a collaboration agreement to provide advanced technological solutions

Tecnatom announced today that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Estonian IT company Datel, under which the two companies will work together to provide technological solutions for satellite monitoring of strategic and critical infrastructures.

The agreement covers several development areas to provide solutions to various industrial markets such as nuclear power plants, railway infrastructures and electricity transport and distribution.

Datel is offering a service that allows users to remotely monitor the shifts and subsidence of infrastructure – such and bridges, pipelines, ports, mines and large buildings – globally with a precision of up to one millimetre (0.04 inches) – thus helping prevent accidents.

“Through this agreement with Datel we will be able to offer solutions adapted to the needs of our customers through the development of technology with high added value. We are confident that this agreement will provide us with opportunities in diverse sectors and will consolidate the long-term relationship between both companies. ” said Javier Guerra, General Director of Tecnatom.

On the other hand, Urmas Kõlli, CEO of Datel, stated that “our collaboration combines the experience of Spain in developing leading engineering solutions with the capabilities of Estonia to develop innovative digital solutions. We look forward to the collaboration with Tecnatom, as one of the world experts in engineering”.

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